Depression in fathers affects children as much as depression in mothers


Jennifer Burgess writes her debut elf blog on evidence from two population-based cohorts of the association between depression in fathers and their adolescent children.

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Fitness to practice: exercise for depression in adolescents


Dave Steele warms up for the winter triathlon season by reading a new systematic review on the effect of exercise on depressive symptoms in adolescents.

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Is cCBT doing it for the kids, but not the adults?


Karina Lovell appraises the first UK RCT of computerised cognitive behavioural therapy (cCBT) for depression in children and young people, which shows a clinically meaningful improvement in depression and anxiety.

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Risk factors for self-injurious behaviour in adolescents with ASD


Self-injurious behaviour can have significant consequences for individuals, their families and carers.

Here, Rachel Allen looks at a study, which focused in particular on adolescents, and considered that the severity of autism symptoms were related to the incidence of self injurious behaviour during adolescence.

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Study suggest 84% survival of composite filings in children and adolescents after eight years

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The aim of this study was to assess the durability of Class I and class II composite resin restorations (CRR) in children and adolescents placed in Public Dental Health Service (PDHS ) clinics. The was a prospective study all children and adolescents up to 18 years treated between November 1998 and December 2002 in all [read the full story…]

Probably a benefit in prescribing preoperative analgesics prior to orthodontic separator placement

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Pain is not uncommon after dental procedures. This can be linked with an increase in fear of dental procedures and the possible avoidance of treatment. This is of particular importance in children and adolescents and the use of pre-operative analgesics had been suggested as a way of reducing peri-operative pain. The aim of this Cochrane [read the full story…]

New film aims to help people with learning disabilities understand court proceedings


As you know, we are committed here at the Learning Disabilities Elf to bringing you the evidence, what works, what doesn’t and to set it all in some context. We also though like to draw attention to resources and sources of help and advice around important issues. We have posted before about the findings of [read the full story…]

Peer guided exercise helps to improve fitness and social integration in adolescents with learning disabilities


We have posted elsewhere on this blog about the issue of overweight and obesity in people with learning disabilities, with the evidence about the extent of this problem building with every new study. The researchers in the study however, were looking at a particular approach to dealing with the issue through a programme of peer-guided [read the full story…]

Adolescents with learning disabilities may have considerable unidentified and untreated mental health problems


Rates of mental illness in adolescents with learning disabilities have been reported as higher than those expected in adolescents without learining disabilities. This study set out to look at the prevalence and predictors of mental health needs and service use in adolescents with learning disabilities. They researchers worked with a service-based sample of 75 young [read the full story…]

Conservative management of fractured condyles in children gives better clinical results than using same approach in adolescents.


Last  Friday we looked at a review that looked at the evidence for the management of fractured condyles in adults.  The aim of this review was to give a comprehensive overview of the international literature, including case reports and clinical studies, focusing on management and outcome of CFs in children and adolescents. What did they [read the full story…]