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Pulp survival after tooth fracture


This review assessing factors related to pulp survival after tooth fracture included 24 studies (4 RCTs, 6 prospective cohort studies, 12 retrospective cohorts, and 2 case-control studies). However the available evidence is overall of very low certainty.

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Additives to lidocaine and the success of the inferior alveolar nerve block

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This review of the effect of additives incorporated into lidocaine solution on the success of inferior alveolar nerve block (IANB) included 12 RCTs. The findings suggest that additives did not improve the success rate of IANB but the evidence is of low to very low certainty.

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Direct or indirect composite resin restorations on endodontically treated posterior teeth?


This review comparing direct and indirect restoration of endodontically treated posterior teeth included 22 studies . None of the included studies was considered to be at low risk of bias and only 2 RCTs were included.

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Pulpotomy in primary teeth- success of medicaments and techniques

caries upper arch

This overview comparing the success rates of various pulpotomy medicaments or techniques, and assessing the methodological quality of reviews included 8 systematic reviews. While most pulpotomy medicaments/techniques, except calcium hydroxide had success rates of 80% or more there is a lack of evidence on the choice of pulpotomy agent.

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Endodontic sealers and the outcome of endodontically treated permanent teeth

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This review comparig the outcomes of silicate-based sealers with resin-based sealers in non-surgical root treatments included 12 studies (9 RCTs). The findings suggest no difference between the two sealant types in the short term.

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Post endodontic pain: Is it affected by irrigation technique?


This review of whether ultrasonic irrigation results in less postoperative root canal treatment pain than conventional irrigation included 6 RCTs. The suggests less pain with ultrasonic irrigation for the first 48 hours but no difference at 72 hours.

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Internal bleaching of endodontically treated discoloured teeth


This review of different bleaching agents used for internal bleaching of endodontically treated discoloured teeth included 8 studies. While the findings suggest all agents had a positive effect the quality of the avaiiable studies is low so the findings should be interpreted cautiously.

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Anaesthetic techniques for mandibular posterior teeth with symptomatic irreversible pulpitis

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This review of the most effective method of anaesthesia for mandibular posterior teeth with symptomatic irreversible pulpitis included 22 RCTs. The findings suggest that buccal infiltraion and inferior alveolar nerve block ,Vazirani-Akinosi nerve block and introsseus injections performed better but the evidence was only of low to very low certainty.

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Endodontic diagnosis – conventional radiography versus cone beam computed tomography


Mark-Steven Howe looks at this is diagnostic test accuracy review comparing conventional and cone-beam computed tomography for detecting persistent apical disease after root canal treatment.

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Which retrograde root filling material?


This Cochrane review update of different materials used for retrograde root filling in children and adults requiring retrograde filling included 8 RCTs. However the studies are all at high risk of bias so provide insufficient evidence for the benefits of any one material.

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