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Street triage, 1 Mar 2017

André Tomlin speaks to mental health service users, police inspectors, clinicians and researchers in this 40-minute documentary about mental health crisis care. If you are new to street triage, this is a great introduction to get you up to speed.

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Early life deprivation with Edmund Sonuga-Barke, 24 Feb 2017

Professor Sonuga-Barke discusses his ERA study, published today in The Lancet: Child-to-adult neurodevelopmental and mental health trajectories after early life deprivation: the young adult follow-up of the longitudinal English and Romanian Adoptees study.

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Adult psychiatric morbidity survey with Sara Ketteley, 22 Dec 2016

Sara Ketteley, Steven Marwaha and Keith Hawton discuss the findings of the fourth national survey of the mental health of English households. The conversation covers general psychiatric morbidity, bipolar disorder, self-harm, suicide and the impact of austerity on mental illness. The full APMS report can be downloaded here: Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey: Survey of Mental Health [read the full story…]

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