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Brendan J Dunlop is a final year Clinical Psychologist in training at the University of Manchester. Brendan’s research interests are LGBTQ+ mental health, minority status, self-harm and self-injury, suicide and service user involvement. Brendan is also currently writing the first ever Queer mental health self-help workbook, which will draw upon ideas from CBT, DBT, CFT, ACT, Mindfulness and Narrative Therapy to help Queer people that want to improve their wellbeing and/or are experiencing a range of mental health difficulties.


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Self-stigma and depression amongst sexual minorities: can mindfulness help?


Brendan Dunlop summarises a recent Chinese cross-sectional study, which looks at how mindfulness may be useful in reducing self-stigma and depressive symptoms in lesbian, gay and bisexual people.

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Increased suicide risk where race/ethnicity and sexual orientation intersect


In his debut blog, Brendan Dunlop summarises a study finding a relationship between minority sexual orientation, ethnicity and suicide risk in adolescents.

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