Outcomes based commissioning

This type of commissioning takes in to consideration the type of interventions that are effective, but that are more preferable to the patient. It means that the commissioning process becomes more patient-centric, focusing on health outcomes, rather than process outcomes. It often involves co-productive working with patient representatives who capture what outcomes are important to patients/communities.

Our Outcomes based commissioning Blogs

#SafeStaffing Mental health nursing on inpatient wards

We need validated assessments of depression.

John Baker looks at the implications of the leaked NICE review on #SafeStaffing for Nursing in Inpatient Mental Health Settings, which was recently uncovered by HSJ journalist Shaun Lintern.

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Fundamental changes to commissioning needed to address current challenges


Alison Turner comments on a new report from the King’s Fund, which shares analysis on how health and care systems might develop joint approaches to planning.

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Move towards more coordinated services and the value of targeting populations, says the Health Foundation


This is a critique of a report from the Health Foundation looking at the coordinating services and targeting populations rather than acute health goals.

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