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Dr Linda K. Kaye completed her PhD in Psychology in 2012 at the University of Central Lancashire on the topic of “Motivations, experiences and outcomes of playing videogames”. She has worked in the Department of Psychology at Edge Hill University since 2011, starting out as a Lecturer, and subsequently being promoted to Senior Lecturer and most recently, Reader in Psychology in November 2020. Her expertise is in the area of cyberpsychology which largely refers to the psychology of online behaviour. She has an extensive publication record and engages in a range of external engagement activities to promote the field of cyberpsychology to the general public, the media and businesses. Her research interests broadly explore how online worlds affect our everyday experiences and behaviour, and the extent to which we can understand human psychology from studying people’s online behaviour. Dr Kaye also owns a business called “The CyberDoctor”. This is a research consultancy business: using cyberpsychology to help businesses understand their online customers and behaviour:


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When it comes to youth mental health, let’s focus on screen-use not screen-time


In her debut blog, Linda Kaye summarises a paper that presents a youth mental health research priority setting exercise, which finds that research should be focussing on screen use not screen time.

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