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Maria is a Reader in Clinical Psychology at the University of Bath, UK. Maria obtained her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of East Anglia in 2008. She has since worked clinically in the National Health Service across a variety of mental health settings, including community Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) and a children’s inpatient unit. She completed a post-graduate diploma in cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) for children, young people, and families at the Anna Freud Centre/University College London in 2013, and a Postgraduate Certificate in the Supervision of Applied Psychology Practice at the University of Oxford in 2015. Maria secured a prestigious NIHR doctoral research fellowship (2016-2022) to further her research into depression in adolescents, specifically those with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). She is currently funded by an NIHR Development and Skills Enhancement Award (2022-2023) in which she is developing her work into brief, scalable early help for adolescents with depression symptoms, and has established an informal research group at the University of Bath, spotLight on Adolescent Mood Problems (LAMP), with an embedded young person’s advisory group. Maria’s research interests include: Developing and delivering Cognitive and/or Behavioural treatments for young people with depression symptoms, including those with chronic illnesses, and those who may not otherwise access help; mental health literacy; therapist competence in delivering CBT, particularly in the field of child and adolescent mental health; and CBT supervision. 


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Equipping young adolescents with wellbeing skills: does a universal, classroom-based CBT intervention promote positive mental health?


Emily Hards and Maria Loades summarise a cluster randomised controlled trial exploring the effectiveness of universal process-based CBT for positive mental health in early adolescence.

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Is cognitive behavioural therapy the best we’ve got for depression?


Camilla Babbage and Maria Loades summarise the largest meta-analysis to date on the effectiveness of CBT for depression.

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Just one shot at it: single session interventions for adolescent depression


Maria Loades and Georgia Herring consider a randomised trial of online single-session interventions for adolescent depression during COVID-19.

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Attitudes towards internet interventions make a difference


Maria Loades explores a randomised controlled trial of people with depression, which looks at the impact and change of attitudes towards internet interventions.

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Cognitive biases in adolescent depression: the more you have, the worse you feel


Maria Loades explores a cross-sectional study of the combined influence of cognitions in adolescent depression, which investigates biases of interpretation, self-evaluation and memory, and concludes that a negative evaluation of the self is strongly associated with depression severity and with a diagnosis of depression.

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Teenage depression linked to poor psychological and social outcomes in later life


Maria Loades writes her debut elf blog on a recent systematic review and meta-analysis on the long-term psychosocial outcomes of teenage depression, which finds that depression as a youth is linked to poor academic outcomes, unemployment and problems with relationships in adult life.

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