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Shubhangi Karmakar (she/they) is an Academic Intern doctor in St. James' Hospital, Dublin, with a MSc. in Molecular Medicine with a focus on neuropsychiatry and genomics; particularly PMDD, ASD and ADHD. Her current research focuses on leadership in undergraduate and postgraduate psychiatry education. They are an incoming Trainee Editorials Editor of the British Journal of Psychiatry. They are also a Trustee of Choice Support UK, supporting rights-affirming living for disabled and mentally ill people. She is outgoing Vice President of the Association of Medical Students Ireland, and has addressed the RCPsych Association of University Teachers for Psychiatry on her work supporting medical student mental health. She mentors medical students across the UK+IE, to realise their clinical academic goals, and also participates in the National COVID-19 multidisciplinary Balint group to engage in reflective practice for clinician mental health. They are currently Reviewer for the BMJ Journal of Medical Ethics, and a print and digital STEMM and lifestyle contributor. She was awarded 'Woman of the Year' by the Lord Mayor of Dublin in 2019, for her public health, creative and philanthropic contributions to successful abortion law reform. They have addressed the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Disability Matters on living with invisible disabilities. They are a vocal advocate for rights-affirming accessibility to society for disabled, migrant and queer people. She enjoys partaking in Olympic Target Shooting, and is a goldsmith, a watercolour illustrator and an e-sports statistics fan.


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Behavioural therapies may reduce inattention symptoms in adults with ADHD


Shubhangi Karmakar summarises a systematic review on the effects and feasibility of psychological interventions to reduce inattention symptoms in adults with ADHD, which highlights significant uncertainty in the field.

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Emotional symptoms in adolescent girls: what can we learn from the functional connectivity of neural pathways?


Shubhangi Karmaker on a recent resting-state fMRI study that explores neural network disturbances that underpin the emergence of emotional symptoms in adolescent girls.

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