Fixed orthodontic appliances- which type of archwire first?


This Cochrane review of the effects of initial arch wires for the alignment of teeth with fixed orthodontic appliances includes 12 RCTs and updates a previous review. The review finds moderate quality evidence shows that archwires of coaxial superelastic nickel-titanium (NiTi) can produce greater tooth movement over 12 weeks than arch wires made of single-strand superelastic NiTi.

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Orthodontic treatment with fixed appliances – how long does it take?

shutterstock_81157801-orthodontic appliance

25 studies include 20 RCTs and 5 controlled trials were included this review. They were all conducted in a hospital or university setting and found that treatment duration was on average 19.9 months (95% CI; 19.58 to 20.22 months) over 17.81visits ( 95%CI; 19.71 to 20.32 months)

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Class II malocclusion- what factors predict sagittal stability after treatment?


Factors affecting relapse after treatment of class II malocclusion was investigated in this review. Only 17 retrospected studies met the review criteria providing limited evidence to support the influence of factors predictive of sagittal stability following orthodontic treatment.

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Orthodontic appliances: may help break thumb-sucking habits


This Cochrane review included 6 small studies at high risk of bias and found that orthodontic appliances or psychological intervention seems to be effective to help children stop sucking that does not have a feeding purpose.

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Review finds that orthodontic treatment using self-ligated bracket systems take longer than conventional approaches


This review aims to assess the role of the various characteristics of orthodontic brackets (material, slot size, ligation type, etc) and their combination with specific wires on their clinical effectiveness and associated side-effects during fixed-appliance orthodontic treatment. Searches were conducted in Medline, Cochrane Library, Biomed Central, BBO including LILACS, Ind Med, Sceilo, Clinical, Conference [read the full story…]