Beating the odds in recovery: does employment support benefit the outcomes of psychological therapy?


Lucy Chilton and Sarah Watts summarise a case-control study looking at the effectiveness of employment support in combination with psychological therapies within NHS Talking Therapies.

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Digital CBT can help people with depression or anxiety and comorbid long-term medical conditions


Stephanie Loukieh summarises the COMPASS trial, which presents promising results for digitally delivered CBT for depression and anxiety related to living with a long-term physical health condition.

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Cause of death in people with bipolar disorder: how can we prevent premature mortality and reduce the mortality gap?


A group of UCL MSc students summarise a cohort study in BMJ Mental Health, which suggests that we have previously underestimated the contribution of external causes of death such as accidents or suicides.

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Prisonization: how does prison impact on the mental health of prisoners? Insights from Norway


Verity Wainwright explores a qualitative study from Norway, which looks into prisoners understanding of mental health and the prison environment.

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Thinking transdiagnostically about PTSD, depression and anxiety in US first responders


Olga Lainidi summarises a network analysis exploring the interconnecting symptoms between PTSD, generalised anxiety disorder, and depression among First Responders based in the United States.

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Trauma affects how refugees feel about themselves and others, but how can clinicians help?

Person looking at the mirror. Abstract concept for psychological and personal traits like behavioral mindset, self esteem, confidence, identity and more. Editable Clip Art.

UCL MSc students consider a longitudinal study published in the Journal of Affective Disorders, which explores the underlying cognitive mechanisms that could explain the association between trauma exposure, mental health and social engagement in refugees.

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A review of guidelines for perinatal mental health: psychological and psychosocial assessment and intervention


Lucy Purnell summarises a systematic review of clinical psychological guidance for perinatal mental health from the UK, Australia and Canada.

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Increased odds of bullying victimisation and perpetration in adolescents with mental health and neurodevelopmental conditions


Filip Marzecki summarises a large-scale systematic review and meta-analysis investigating prevalence and odds of bullying involvement in young people with mental health and neurodevelopmental conditions.

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Traumatic stress in Palestinian children and young people in the Gaza Strip


Rasanat Fatima Nawaz and Hayley Gains summarise a scoping review exploring the impact of war on Palestinian children and young people residing in the Gaza Strip.

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Supporting female violence researchers who experience vicarious trauma


Eve Wang summarises a qualitative study exploring the emotional safety and coping mechanisms in women conducting violence and abuse research, who experience vicarious trauma.

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