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Lucinda has been teaching Psychology on and off for 15 years and has an MA in Special and Inclusive Education. In recent years she has been working with nurture groups and individual sixth form students with poor mental health to manage their academic studies and is now working with a number of schools and organisations to promote whole school mental health and wellbeing. As a mother of 3 boys, two of whom have special educational needs, she has both professional and personal experience of coping with demands of SEN and the difficulties of accessing appropriate support.


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Teens, screens and a hill of beans?


Lucinda Powell looks at a recent study which finds little clear-cut evidence that screen time decreases adolescent well-being.

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Poor school attendance and anxiety: what’s the link?


Lucinda Powell summarises a recent systematic review about the association between anxiety and poor attendance at school, which suggests links between anxiety and unexcused absences/truancy, and school refusal.

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Mental health stigma in schools: helping young people access support


Lucinda Powell considers a recent systematic review of qualitative evidence on stigma related to targeted school-based mental health interventions. The review provides some interesting findings and useful strategies, given the recent UK government announcement that they are backing plans to make specialist mental health provision available in schools.

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Universal resilience: could it be the answer?


Lucinda Powell summarises a systematic review of universal resilience-focused interventions targeting child and adolescent mental health in the school setting.

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Teacher burnout: can we prevent it, or is that the wrong question?


As we prepare for our Youth Mental Health Question Time event in London this evening, Lucinda Powell considers a meta-analysis looking at the effectiveness of interventions aimed at reducing teacher burnout.

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