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Take your event #BeyondTheRoom

We can help increase the impact of your mental health events: create a buzz, extend your reach, facilitate the conversations, create and host your digital legacy, and evaluate what we do.
Live streamed webinars: We will host your webinar, manage registrations, promote it in advance, live stream it, and disseminate across your choice of social media.
Live tweeting: We will bring our large and diverse social media following to your meeting. We will report live from the event on Twitter, live tweeting a selection of talks agreed with you in advance.
Podcasting: Short and pithy audio interviews are an alternative way to communicate your key messages. We will record podcasts, edit them and share them on The Mental Elf SoundCloud and across social media.
Convene a team of specialist reporters: Recruit a team of people (including people with lived experience) who can participate in live tweeting & podcasting for conferences and congresses.
Live streamed on site video: We will live stream (on The Mental Elf YouTube channel) part of your face-to-face event, to open up the discussion in the room for people following online.
Social media analytics: We will report on your Twitter analytics after your event. Symplur Signals reporting includes the number of people participating in the conversation, number of tweets sent, number of countries involved and total Twitter impressions.