Mental health difficulties commonly reported by ICU staff during the pandemic


Nada Seif reviews a recent survey study on self-reported mental health problems in ICU staff working during the UK 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

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Psychological disorders associated with poor oral health

Authors reviewed studies that assessed oral health of people with severe mental illness.

26 studies were included in this review of the association between common psychological disorders and poor oral health. Dental decay and tooth loss were significantly higher in those with common psychological disorders

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Smoking and chronic mental illness: what’s the best way to quit or cut down?


Meg Fluharty considers the findings of a BMJ State of the Art review, which looks at the evidence for smoking cessation in people with chronic mental illness such as schizophrenia, unipolar depression, bipolar depression, anxiety disorders and PTSD.

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Small study finds high rates of clinically significant psychiatric problems in children with ASD


Previous studies trying to reach an understanding of the rate of co-morbid psychiatric problems in children with autism spectrum disorders have reported significantly varying findings. The authors of this matched control study wanted to look at patterns of co-morbid psychiatric problems in such and their parents compared a group of controls matched for IQ, and [read the full story…]

Systematic review finds much higher rates of chronic health conditions in children with learning disabilities than in general population

Young girl and nurse

This systematic review of prevalence rates of chronic health conditions in children with intellectual disability found 2,994 relevant studies published between 1996 to 2008. 31 studies were included that the authors felt had sufficient methodological quality. They found that the 6 most prevalent chronic health conditions were: Epilepsy (22.0/100), Cerebral palsy (19.8/100), Anxiety disorder (17.1/100), [read the full story…]