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Isabeau is a Research Fellow within the enAble Institute at Curtin University, in Perth, Western Australia. She gained a first-class honours Psychology degree in 2014, and PhD in 2020, from the University of Western Australia. Her PhD focused on the impact of anxiety and ethnicity on face-recognition accuracy. Isabeau is passionate about, and has published numerous papers on, understanding the impact of negative emotionality, such as anxiety and depression, on mental health and well-being, across diverse settings, such as within the workplace and university context. Isabeau’s past employment history includes positions within consultancy and research. She has worked on projects focusing on innovation within the energy sector, and has conducted mentoring programs across the construction, resources, and renewable energy sectors. Isabeau has also previously worked within the Future of Work Institute, also at Curtin University, where she co-designed, with clients, online training modules focusing on improving mental health and wellbeing within the workplace. Since 2022, Isabeau has used her expertise to support the development of various transdiagnostic and scalable mental health interventions informed by Perceptual Control Theory.


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Are transdiagnostic mental health interventions the future of treatment?


Isabeau Tindall summarises a recent meta-analysis by Pim Cuijpers and colleagues investigating the effective of transdiagnostic treatments for depression and anxiety.

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