Nada Abou Seif

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Nada is a research assistant for the Scaling Up Maternal Mental healthcare by Increasing Access to Treatment (SUMMIT) trial and an honorary research assistant at UCL’s COVID Trauma Response Working Group. She has recently graduated from UCL’s Clinical Mental Health Sciences MSc. Nada's research interests include trauma and the treatment of trauma-related disorders, ethnic and racial disparities in mental health, and the mental health of children and young people.


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Treating PTSD in adults: EMDR and trauma-focused CBT still lead the way


Nada Abou Seif summarises a network meta-analysis which finds that EMDR and trauma-focused CBT remain the most effective ways to treat adult PTSD.

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Mental health difficulties commonly reported by ICU staff during the pandemic


Nada Seif reviews a recent survey study on self-reported mental health problems in ICU staff working during the UK 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

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PTSD-related suicides can be prevented, but we have to act fast


Nada Abou Seif summarises a recent Swedish cohort study of 3.1 million people, which looks at suicide risk in people with post-traumatic stress disorder.

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