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Gilda is a PhD student at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience (IOPPN) at King’s College London, where she is exploring how mental health and drug and alcohol services can improve their responses to racially minoritised women that have experienced sexual violence. During her PhD she worked as a research assistant on a study exploring barriers to inclusion for minoritised students in higher education. Prior to conducting her PhD, she was a research assistant at the IOPPN evaluating the implementation of the smoke-free policy in a mental health NHS trust and measuring the provision of treatment for tobacco dependence in people with a mental illness. She has a strong interest in mental health, having worked as a support worker in an acute mental health ward and volunteered for the charity mind.


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The burden of perinatal mental illness in migrant women: new evidence on prevalence and risk factors


In her debut Mental Elf blog, Gilda Spaducci explores the global prevalence of perinatal mental disorders among migrant women; summarising a recent review which finds that “one in four experience perinatal depression, one in five perinatal anxiety, and one in eleven perinatal PTSD”.

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