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Dona was the founding director of the Hunter College Center for Gifted Education and Development, has taught at universities in Canada and the US, and for many years she ran a busy private practice doing assessments, counselling, and consultations with children, families, and schools. She has written dozens of articles and book chapters, given dozens of conference presentations, and co-authored or co-edited Beyond Intelligence: Secrets of Raising Happily Productive Kids; Being Smart about Gifted Learning; The Development of Giftedness and Talent across the Life Span; and The Routledge International Companion to Gifted Education. Dona has recently had a new book published by the American Psychological Association—Imperfect Parenting: How to Build a Relationship with Your Child to Weather any Storm


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A long-term physical health condition changes everything: therapeutic responses to psychological distress must change too #BABCP2022


Dona Matthews reviews a paper on an evidence-based theory of psychological adjustment to long-term physical health conditions and applications in clinical practice, which will be presented at the #BABCP2022 conference in London later this week.

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COVID-19 increased depression and anxiety disorders by >25% during 2020


Dona Matthews summarises a recent study in The Lancet which estimates that worldwide COVID-19 increased depression and anxiety disorders by more than 25% in 2020.

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Age at onset of mental disorders: global meta-analysis provides data for targeting effective interventions


Dona Matthews summarises a comprehensive global meta-analysis that presents our best current knowledge on the age of onset of various mental disorders. This review has major implications for our mental health promotion and prevention efforts.

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Mental disorders start early and vary across the lifespan: it’s time to pay attention to the whole person, and less to the diagnosis #IoPPNfestival


In her debut blog, Dona Matthews reviews a longitudinal cohort study by Caspi and Moffitt which explores how mental disorders and comorbidities have affected over one thousand people in New Zealand across four decades.

This Dunedin birth cohort study research will be presented by Prof Terrie Moffitt at the #IoPPNfestival later today.

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