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Dafni is a psychology graduate with an MSc in Clinical Mental Health Sciences from UCL. She is currently working as a Research Assistant at the Division of Psychiatry, UCL for the IDEA project. She is very interested in the impact of migration and other social determinants in mental health, particularly regarding psychosis. Her research interests also include dementia, its core aetiology and identifying ways to ameliorate the lives of people experiencing dementia and their carers. Danfi is a book-eater and podcast enthusiast.


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Can smoking cessation improve cognitive functioning in people with psychosis?


Dafni Katsampa explores a recent prospective cohort study that investigates the association between smoking behaviour and cognitive functioning in patients with psychosis, their siblings and healthy control subjects.

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Can museums help prevent dementia?


Dafni Katsampa and Derek Tracy get all cultured and summarise a retrospective cohort study of museum attendance and dementia incidence, which suggests that cultural engagement may help protect us from cognitive decline.

The research is led by Daisy Fancourt who heads up the new MARCH Network which is launching later this month.

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