Camilla Babbage

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Camilla is a Research Fellow with MindTech at the University of Nottingham, focusing on projects using digital mental health interventions to support young people’s mental health that have elements of coproduction or PPI engagement. She is interested in how we can use involvement to improve the engagement and effectiveness of interventions, and how we can implement these interventions into practice in the most feasible and accessible way. With funding from the Medical Research Council on the Digital Youth project led by Prof Ellen Townsend and Prof Chris Hollis, Camilla is involved in a programme exploring risk and developing interventions in the digital space for young people. Outside of Digital Youth, Camilla has an interest in young people with Tourette Syndrome. Her PhD explored how a digital intervention could support wellbeing in this population. She is also currently involved in research headed by Dr Maddie Groom understanding how access to healthcare resources for people living with tics and Tourette Syndrome could be improved. Finally, Camilla supports Dr Joanna Lockwood on a project exploring the experiences for parents of young people who have suicidal ideation. Her research interests include digital interventions in mental health, adolescents mental health, self-harm, Tourette Syndrome and neurodevelopmental disorders.


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Sharpening the focus: viewing self-harm images online – harmful and protective?


Jo Lockwood, Camilla Babbage and Ellen Townsend consider a systematic review exploring the impact of viewing self-harm images online, which finds that images can trigger powerful emotions and may relate to a change in cognition, affect and behaviour.

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Is cognitive behavioural therapy the best we’ve got for depression?


Camilla Babbage and Maria Loades summarise the largest meta-analysis to date on the effectiveness of CBT for depression.

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