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Jenna is CORC Research Lead at the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families. She has worked on the CORC project for a number of years, focusing on supporting a network of members in the implementation, and ongoing use of outcome measurement in youth mental health settings, across the UK and Europe. Jenna's research focuses on personalised care and outcome measurement, centering on goal setting and tracking in youth mental health and wellbeing therapeutic settings. She has experience relating to the practical aspects of outcome monitoring, including data spec development, measurement and data handling, and analysis. Jenna is particularly interested in the direct application of research to positively impact the lives of young people experiencing mental health and wellbeing difficulties.


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Is it possible to form a digital therapeutic alliance with a mental health app?


Jenna Jacob summarises a qualitative study exploring the conceptualisation of the digital therapeutic alliance in the context of mental health apps that require no human support.

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Therapeutic alliance and goal setting in youth mental health #ActiveIngredientsMH


Jenna Jacob and Jermaine Dambi summarise a recent study which looks at therapeutic alliance in remote versus in-person settings.

They also present initial findings from their two active ingredients reviews which explore working alliance, collaborative goal setting and tracking for young people with depression or anxiety.

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