Shuichi Suetani

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Shuichi is a psychiatrist in Brisbane, Australia. He completed his medical degree with distinction in psychological medicine from University of Otago in New Zealand, before moving to Adelaide, Australia to start his medical career. He has numerous first author publications in high impact journals including JAMA Psychiatry, and currently sits on the editorial board for Australasian Psychiatry. Shuichi is also completing a PhD exploring the epidemiological relationships between physical activity and mental disorders using large Australian datasets.   


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Beyond thought and behaviour: is psychosis more than a brain disorder? 


Shuichi Suetani writes his debut elf blog on a new meta-review that asks: Is psychosis a multisystem disorder? This blog explores central nervous system, immune, cardiometabolic, and endocrine alterations in first-episode psychosis and perspective on potential models.

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