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Emily Stapley is a PhD student at University College London, based at the Anna Freud Centre, currently conducting qualitative research with parents of adolescents with depression. Her research interests include child and adolescent mental health, parental depression, and combining quantitative and qualitative methodological approaches. Before starting her PhD, Emily worked as a research assistant on three large research projects, one at the Anna Freud Centre called the CAMHS Outcomes Research Consortium (CORC), and two at the UCL Institute of Child Health: the Meningococcal Outcomes Study in Adolescents and In Children (MOSAIC), and a randomised controlled trial of a Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Programme (HELP) for adolescents and their families.


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Trauma-related childhood hospital admission linked with self-harm and violent crime in young adults


Emily Stapley summarises a recent Danish national cohort study, which looks at self-harm and violent criminality among young people who experienced trauma-related childhood hospital admission.

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Antecedents of depression in children and young people


Emily Stapley summarises a recent 4-year longitudinal study of the antecedents of new-onset major depressive disorder in children and adolescents at high familial risk.

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Early menarche associated with depressive symptoms in early adolescence


Emily Stapley summarises a Mendelian randomisation study that investigates associations between the timing of menarche with depressive symptoms and depression in adolescence.

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Telehealth for depression: large pragmatic RCT of complex intervention


Emily Stapley presents the findings of a trial which looks at the effectiveness of an integrated telehealth service for patients with depression.

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Mondays and New Year’s Day associated with peaks in suicide incidence


Emily Stapley reports on a recent study of the timing of general population and patient suicide in England. She discovers that Springtime, Mondays and New Year’s Day are all associated with peaks in suicide incidence.

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Bariatric surgery can help improve depression, says new meta-analysis


Emily Stapley reports on a new JAMA meta-analysis, which finds that mental illnesses such as depression and binge eating disorder are common among patients seeking and undergoing bariatric surgery.

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Cognitive behavioural prevention of depression in adolescents

Higher levels of cortisol were associated with higher levels of depression

Emily Stapley summarises a recent RCT of a cognitive behavioural prevention programme for young people at risk of depression.

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Eating disorders in parents are associated with eating disorders in children


Emily Stapley presents the findings of a recent cohort study that highlights an association between eating disorders in parents and eating disorders in their children.

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When to see a child and adolescent psychiatrist: recent RCPsych guidance


Emily Stapley summarises the recent Royal College of Psychiatrists guidance on child and adolescent psychiatry, which sets out the standards to which child and adolescent psychiatrists work.

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