Previously institutionalised adoptees’ continued support needs in young adulthood: new perspectives on becoming a parent

Side view close up head shot happy little adopted kid girl put head on mothers shoulder, feeling love and support. Small cute daughter hugging embracing cuddling young smiling mother at new home.

Melanie Palmer and Anna Wyatt report on two qualitative studies with English and Romania Adoptees (ERA) families exploring different support needs of young adult adoptees from adulthood to parenthood.

Today’s blog features an accompanying podcast featuring Mark Kennedy, Sarah Johal and Matt Woolgar discussing these latest findings from the ERA study.

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Trauma transmission in the children of trauma-affected refugees: risk and protective factors


Theofanis Kyriacou & Andie Ashdown consider a systematic review of risk and protective factors for trauma transmission among trauma-affected refugees and their non-exposed children.

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Parental homelessness linked to increased risk of mental illness in offspring


Dean Connolly explores a Danish register-based cohort study, which investigates the risk of mental health problems in offspring of parents with a history of homelessness during childhood and adolescence.

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Family therapy for anorexia: can it create closeness and containment in parent-adolescent relationships?


Sarah McDonald blogs about a recent study that explores the effect of family-based treatment for anorexia on familial relationships.

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Parenting interventions for children with severe attachment problems


Jasmin Wertz summarises a systematic review of the clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of parenting interventions for children with severe attachment problems.

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Attachment in people with dementia and their carers


Mary Larkin explores a systematic review on attachment between people with dementia and their carers and explains what the findings mean for social care practice and policy for carers.

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Banding versus bonding for attaching orthodontic appliances

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This clinical trial was one of the two included in the recently published Cochrane Review and has itself just been published. It was a multi-centred trial that took place at One District General Hospital Orthodontic Department and two Specialist Orthodontic Practices. Orthodontic patients aged between 10 and 18 years old, were randomly allocated to either receive [read the full story…]

Bond or Band: to fix braces to back teeth

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This new Cochrane review compares methods of fixing tubes on back (molar) teeth to allow the wires need to move the teeth pass through them.  These can be welded to bands cemented to teeth or glued (bonded) directly to the teeth.  They only found two well designed trials which suggest that bonded molar tubes are [read the full story…]