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Dr Palmer’s research interests focus on child and adolescent psychology collecting and analysing data using a range of different study designs. She is particularly interested in typical and atypical emotional and behavioural development and the multiple factors that influence development. Melanie has an interest in neuropsychology, and how children develop in the context of experiencing adverse life events. She also has an interest in developing and evaluating complex interventions using randomised controlled trial design that aim to improve functioning and wellbeing of families. Melanie would be interested to blog on child and adolescent mental health, and interventions to improve mental health outcomes.


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Previously institutionalised adoptees’ continued support needs in young adulthood: new perspectives on becoming a parent

Side view close up head shot happy little adopted kid girl put head on mothers shoulder, feeling love and support. Small cute daughter hugging embracing cuddling young smiling mother at new home.

Melanie Palmer and Anna Wyatt report on two qualitative studies with English and Romania Adoptees (ERA) families exploring different support needs of young adult adoptees from adulthood to parenthood.

Today’s blog features an accompanying podcast featuring Mark Kennedy, Sarah Johal and Matt Woolgar discussing these latest findings from the ERA study.

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