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Dr Mary Larkin is a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Health and Social Care at the Open University. Her main research interests are carers, adult social care, the third sector personalisation, and carer and service user empowerment. She has published widely and led on several national and international projects, including an ESRC funded carers seminar series and a European Social Fund project about older carers. In addition to having been a carer herself and working for a local carers organisation, she has worked closely with a wide range of national and international voluntary organisations. The latter includes the Finnish Caregivers Association for whom she was a Consultant as their own national strategy for carers progressed through the Finnish policy making process. Mary is also a regular peer reviewer for leading journals, funding bodies and publishers. She holds an Honorary Research Fellowship with the Third Sector Research Centre, is a member of the Social Care Institute for Excellence Co-production Network and co-ordinates the Carers Research Collaborative Network (JISCmail).


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Testing stress training for black and minority ethnic carers of people with dementia


Mary Larkin finds out if a US carer support programme is effective for black and minority ethnic carers of people living with Alzhemier’s disease.

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Testing a person-centred approach to carer support


Mary Larkin discusses a US study of a person-centred, evidence-based carer support intervention and thinks about implications of the findings for the UK context.

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Attachment in people with dementia and their carers


Mary Larkin explores a systematic review on attachment between people with dementia and their carers and explains what the findings mean for social care practice and policy for carers.

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Carers policy and practice: What about ‘former carers’?


In her debut blog, Mary Larkin, Senior Lecturer in Health and Social Care at the Open University, examines a piece of qualitative research exploring the experiences of former carers and discusses what it might mean for policy and practice.

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