The costs of care prior to institutionalisation among people living with Alzheimer’s disease


The past few decades have seen a gradual shift of provision of services for older people from residential care to community-based care in the UK and other high-income countries. ‘Ageing in place’ is a widely accepted and supported discourse. In practice, receiving care at home enables older people to stay in a familiar environment, and [read the full story…]

A roadmap to advance dementia research and care by 2025


Clarissa Giebel unfolds and reviews a new roadmap to advance dementia research in prevention, diagnosis, intervention and care by 2025.

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Testing a person-centred approach to carer support


Mary Larkin discusses a US study of a person-centred, evidence-based carer support intervention and thinks about implications of the findings for the UK context.

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Attachment in people with dementia and their carers


Mary Larkin explores a systematic review on attachment between people with dementia and their carers and explains what the findings mean for social care practice and policy for carers.

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Older family carers lack support, information and partnership working remains the exception rather than the norm


Previous work to consider the issue of older parents of adults with learning disabilities has identified that a significant proportion are lone carers, often with a wide range of health problems of their own, and reporting high levels of anxiety as a result of their caregiving responsibilities. The researchers in this study set out to [read the full story…]

Internet based groups for older carers of people with learning disabilities can improve social support


We recently posted about the views of older people with learning disabilities and the things they wanted in relation to their support. In recent years there have also been a number of projects that have focused on ways to provide support to older carers of people. Those projects have suggested the key mediator role of [read the full story…]