Palatal injections for maxillary extractions: are they needed?


This review of the use of palatal injections for maxillary extractions included 15 studies. While the findings suggest that they may not be needed further high quality studies are needed to confirm the findings.

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Orthodontic brackets: type unlikely to affect oral hygiene


12 small studies were included in this review of orthodontic brackets and their effect on pain and oral hygiene. No differences were seen between self-ligating and conventional brackets

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Laminate veneers: incisal coverage or not?


This review of difference designs of laminate veneers included 8 studies demonstrating no difference between those with incisal coverage and those without. However the studies were small and there was a great deal of variation so the results should be interpreted cautiously.

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Arginine and caries prevention


7 RCTs were included in this review of the caries prevention effects of arginine containing dental products. They provide insufficient evidence to support a caries preventive effect for arginine in toothpaste.

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Fixed dental prostheses: rigid and non-rigid connections to implants


This review considers partial fixed dental prostheses (FDPs) supported by implants and teeth. 10 small limited quality studies were included and suggest they may be an alternative to implant supported FDPs.

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Dental implants: survival rates of turned and anodised-surface dental implants


38 studies were included in this review comparing survival rates of turned and anodised-surface dental implants. The findings suggest that turned implants have a higher failure rate but the evidence is limited as the review includes a substantial proportion of retrospective studies.

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Oral Health should have same priority as general health in care homes says NICE

Quality of life measures are one way of finding out how people are feeling about and experiencing their new life in a care home.

This new guidance from NICE focuses on improving and maintaining residents’ day-to-day oral healthcare, ensuring staff are properly trained to confidently look after the oral health needs of residents, and there is adequate access to dental services when needed

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Dentures: 1 or 2 step impressions?

shutterstock_28911784 False teeth

This review compare single step impressions verses two step impression techniques for complete denture construction. 7 RCTs were included and they suggests that a two step approach is not necessary for technical quality, user satisfaction or quality of life.

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Permanent tooth agenesis in Down syndrome

down_syndrome_shutterstock_76649257 (2)

This review included 13 observational studies involving 1080 patients demonstrating high prevalence and severity of tooth agenesis in Down syndrome individuals.

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