Orthodontic treatment with fixed appliances – How long does it take?

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This review of the the treatment duration required to achieve whole-arch alignment of the mandibular dentition using fixed appliances included 35 RCTs. The pooled duration for whole-arch alignment in the mandible was 263.0 days/8.8 months (95%CI: 6.2 to11.3 months). Mandibular incisor alignment was achieved in 100.7 days/3.4 months (95%CI: 2.8 to 3.9 months).

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Fixed appliance orthodontics: extraction or non-extraction and soft tissue changes


52 studies were identified for this review of the effect of extraction or non-extraction fixed orthodontic treatment of soft tissue profiles . However they were mainly poor quality retrospective studies providing very low quality evidence suggesting that tooth extractions might be associated with differences in the soft tissue profile compared to non-extraction treatment.

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Conventional or self-ligating bracket use not an important predictor of mandibular intermolar width in non-extractions orthodontic cases

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The aim of this study was to compare intermolar widths after alignment of crowded mandibular dental arches in non-extraction adolescent patients between conventional and self-ligating brackets. The trial included patients requiring non-extraction treatment in both arches, having all mandibular teeth erupted with no spaces in the mandibular arch, mandibular irregularity index from canine to canine [read the full story…]