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Tayla is based within UCL’s Division of Psychiatry, studying MSc Clinical Mental Health Sciences and working as a Research Assistant on a trial aimed at reducing cannabis use in first episode psychosis. Previously, she completed a degree in Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford, and then worked with the Cognitive Health in Ageing research group there. For her Master’s dissertation, she is conducting a randomised controlled trial testing the efficacy of a low-intensity CBT mobile application at reducing depression and anxiety symptoms.


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Predictors of adherence to digital interventions for psychosis


Joe Barnby and Muna Dubad explore a recent systematic review that looks at the potential predictors of adherence to web-based and mobile technologies for people with psychosis.

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Physical activity and depression: new review confirms high levels of sedentary behaviour


Tayla McCloud summarises a recent systematic review and meta-analysis of physical activity and sedentary behaviour, which found that more than two-thirds of people with depression did not comply with the recommendation of 150 minutes of physical activity per week.

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Preventing depression in low-income mothers: Head Start RCT in the community


Tayla McCloud appraises the recent Head Start randomised controlled trial measuring the efficacy of a maternal depression prevention strategy.

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Antipsychotic overprescribing in people with learning disabilities #UCLJournalClub


Tayla McCloud from the #UCLJournalClub presents the findings of a cohort study showing that antipsychotics are being over-prescribed in people with learning disabilities.

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