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Research assistant in the Division of Psychiatry at UCL working in the field of social cognition and psychosis after completing my post-graduate MSc qualification, and beginning an MRC funded DTP at Kings College in September 2017 on a project looking at the psychopharmacology of belief. I’m interested in the cognitive neuropsychiatry and social cognition of 'self' and 'other' perception, and what meanings are made from the experience of external agency. My research interests include: -Changes in self/other perception and the creation of external agency, such as hallucinations or delusions in a clinical setting, but also the meaning of these experiences in a non-clinical environment when they might not be distressing or impairing. -Clinical intervention for psychosis. -Cognitive anthropology of external agency. -Changes in self/other perception and the experience of external agency associated with psychedelic use. On the side, I like to blog about mental health and consciousness, interview folks on my podcast 'Do You Mind?', and dabble with music under the alias of CircleDot.


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Cannabis and psychosis: it’s high time for a review


Joe Barnby considers the findings of a recent meta-analysis of cannabis use and symptoms severity in individuals at ultra-high risk for psychosis.

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Virtual Reality for Social Anxiety Disorder: can we get fully immersed in this treatment just yet?


Joe Barnby publishes his debut elf blog on a recent randomised controlled trial of virtual reality compared with in vivo exposure in the treatment of social anxiety disorder.

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