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Liesbeth is a registered Clinical psychologist (HCPC), trained Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and accredited CBT scientist (VGCT, The Netherlands). After gaining extensive experience at a a rehabilitation centre, for a large mental healthcare organisation and in primary care, she made the change to work for academic institutions. She has taught various conceptual and research courses at Erasmus University Rotterdam, and was involved in clinical trials and teaching at University of Amsterdam before she moved over in 2012 to work full-time in research at the University of Edinburgh. Here, Liesbeth had roles in research, teaching, and helped set up the Centre for Psychological therapies and its related CBT training clinic as a Clinical fellow. After completing her PhD at the University of Edinburgh on ‘Social anxiety and social functioning in psychosis’ in 2022 Liesbeth started her work as a Clinical and Counselling Psychologist for Mindler UK. A key drive behind her work is to help understand factors influencing treatment outcomes to help improve treatments. Another motivation is to help change thresholds that hinder people from having fulfilling interpersonal relationships, which has resulted in research in the fields of mental health stigma and social anxiety. To help change mental health stigma, Liesbeth set up HarmonyChoir ( in 2016 as a research project at the University of Edinburgh, which is still ongoing as a community choir.


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Add on iCBT: weak evidence of modest benefits in depression and anxiety

iCBT can be effective in reducing symptoms of depression, anxiety, OCD and PTSD - could its accessibility help reach more people?

Liesbeth Tip and Antigone Lanitis reflect on a recent systematic review and meta-analysis that investigated internet-delivered psychological treatment as an add-on to treatment as usual in depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

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Telemental health is promising as an effective and engaging alternative for in-person therapy #TeleMentalHealth

Exactly how valuable is the face-to-face guidance that therapists provide during a video feedback session?

Liesbeth Tip summarises a recent umbrella review from the Mental Health Policy Research Unit, which finds that telemental health is a promising alternative for in-person therapy.

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Racism, vicarious racism and mental health: how can we support those affected?


Liesbeth Tip, Jingni Ma and Christina McClure review a recent cross-sectional study exploring vicarious racism, vigilance and mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic. They present their own personal accounts of racist attacks, their reflections about the usefulness of bystander interventions, and their determination to work together to help people feel safer and more included in society.

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Guidance for online therapy during COVID-19


Liesbeth Tip highlights the new OxCADAT guidance for psychotherapists providing online therapy for people with anxiety, panic or trauma.

This blog also contains many ideas and an extensive list of useful research and resources for delivering internet based treatment for people during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Community singing helps mental health recovery


As we prepare for our choral music #MentalHealthJukebox on Saturday 27th January, Liesbeth Tip explores a qualitative evaluation of a Norfolk-based community singing project (Sing Your Heart Out) aimed at people with mental health conditions and the general public.

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