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Liesbeth is a Clinical Psychologist, currently working as Research Assistant and studying for a PhD at the University of Edinburgh on the topic of 'Social anxiety and beliefs about illness in social functioning in psychosis'. She has extensive experience as a therapist in in-patient and out-patient settings, health centres and in Primary Care, as well as for clinical research trials. She has taught theoretical and skills courses (at universities in the Netherlands) and supervised internships for trainee clinical practitioner psychologists. She left the Netherlands in 2012 and moved to the UK to work in research full-time, to use her experience to contribute to the understanding of psychopathology and help improve future treatments in clinical psychology.


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Community singing helps mental health recovery


As we prepare for our choral music #MentalHealthJukebox on Saturday 27th January, Liesbeth Tip explores a qualitative evaluation of a Norfolk-based community singing project (Sing Your Heart Out) aimed at people with mental health conditions and the general public.

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