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Christina completed a PhD in neuroscience looking at cellular networks involved in memory processes. She then spent 7 years at the University of Edinburgh doing postdoctoral research in the same field and setting up a research facility providing molecular tools for genetic research. Since 2018 Christina has worked at a company that specialises in providing an improved version of the service her research facility did. In the past year, she hass become more involved in activism especially to support the ESEA (East and South East Asian) community. She is interested in racism (in particular against ESEA people) and the effects on mental health.


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Racism, vicarious racism and mental health: how can we support those affected?


Liesbeth Tip, Jingni Ma and Christina McClure review a recent cross-sectional study exploring vicarious racism, vigilance and mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic. They present their own personal accounts of racist attacks, their reflections about the usefulness of bystander interventions, and their determination to work together to help people feel safer and more included in society.

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