Long-term psychoanalytic psychotherapy for treatment-resistant depression: not cost-effective compared to treatment as usual


In her debut blog, Ella Tuominen considers the Tavistock Adult Depression Study (TADS), which evaluated the cost-effectiveness of long-term psychoanalytic psychotherapy for treatment resistant depression compared to treatment as usual.

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Cost-effectiveness of CBT for depression: uncertainty remains


Chris Sampson reviews a recent US study which looks at the cost-effectiveness of CBT versus second-generation antidepressants for the initial treatment of major depressive disorder.

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FiCTION Trial: the cost effectiveness of dental caries management in primary teeth


THe FiCTION trial examied 3 strategies for the management of dental caries in primary teeth of children aged 3 to 7yrs in the UK This summarises the detailed cost-effectiveness element of that mult-centre RCT in primary care.

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Periodontal health: no additional benefit from 6 monthly Scale and Polish


This large multicentre, cluster randomised controlled compared the clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of theory-based, personalised oral hygiene advice or scale and polish’ with routine care in improving periodontal health in dentate adults attending general dental practice.

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Are Internet interventions cost-effective for mental health?


Chris Sampson looks at a systematic review of the economics of Internet interventions for common mental health problems such as depression and anxiety.

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Economic evaluation of corticosteroid injections for mortons neuroma


In his first guest blog Allan Thomson, Lecturer in Podiartry at Glasgow Caledonian University, discusses an economic evaluation of corticosteroid injections for mortons neuroma.

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Silicone impressions for complete dentures improve patients’ quality of life but increase costs


Yesterday (Dental Elf 10th July 2014) we looked at a trial that compared dentures made with silicone and alginate impression materials. In a study undertaken alongside that trial the authors aimed to assess the cost effectiveness of silicone and alginate impressions for complete dentures. The cost effectiveness analysis (CEA) took the perspective of the UK [read the full story…]

Tailored approaches to oral health education for non surgical periodontal treatment are cost effective


This cost effectiveness study is based on a data from a randomised controlled trial published by Jönsson et al (2010), that trial compared an individually tailored oral health educational programme (ITOHEP) on periodontal health with a standard oral health educational programme. and found, ITOHEP intervention in combination with scaling is preferable to the standard programme [read the full story…]