Silver diamine fluoride: 38% more effective than 12% in arresting caries


This randomised controlled trial compared 12 and 38 % silver diamine fluoride applied annually and bi-annually to kindergarten children. . 38% applied bi-annually was most effective providing a 9% additional benefit over an annual application.

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Silver diamine fluoride: effectiveness in older adults

shutterstock_34500700 - caries sign

Three RCTs were included in this review of silver diamine fluoride for caries prevention in older adults. all 3 studies support teh effectiveness of SDF for root caries arrest and prevention.

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Autism spectrum disorders- caries and periodontal disease levels high?

boy with autism

7 small observational studies were included in this review of oral health status in people with autism spectrum disorders higher levels of caries and periodontal disease are suggested in this population.

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Learning disability found to be contributing factor to development of dental caries in children with cerebral palsy


Dental caries, or tooth decay is estimated to develop at the same rate in people with learning disabilities as in the general population.. The prevalence of untreated dental caries, however, is much higher among people with learning disabilities, particularly among those living in non-institutional settings. The researchers in this Brazilian study set out to look [read the full story…]