CAD-CAM removable complete dentures


This review comparing the outcomes of , CAD-CAM removable complete dentures (CDs) with conventional CDs included 73 studies. A majority of the studies were in-vitro small, and involved multiple comparison. 39 studies contributed to meta-analyses of a broad range of parameters whiich suggest little technical difference between CAD-CAM and conventional CDs. However few studies reported on aesthetics or patient reported outcomes.

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Intraosseous injection or inferior alveolar nerve block for third molar surgery?

shutterstock_17571817- injection

This review comparing the anaesthetic efficacy of intraosseous injection(IO) and conventional inferior alveolar nerve block (INAB) in mandibular third molar surgery included 4 small RCTs. The findings suggest no significant difference between IO and INAB techniques.

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Economic evaluation of corticosteroid injections for mortons neuroma


In his first guest blog Allan Thomson, Lecturer in Podiartry at Glasgow Caledonian University, discusses an economic evaluation of corticosteroid injections for mortons neuroma.

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