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Jon Paul Teo is Consultant Psychiatrist to the Statewide Transcultural Mental Health Centre, based in Brisbane, Queensland. Alongside his passion for Transcultural Psychiatry, JP (as he is known) is pursuing further psychoanalytical training, and also divides his time between private practice and being a hobbyist academic. He is a Senior Lecturer with the University of Queensland, and involved in the supervision and training of the next generation of Psychiatrists in building more culturally-safe and -responsive mental health services. Jon Paul is interested in Transcultural Psychiatry, Psychiatric Anthropology, Culture and Psychotherapy and Psychodynamic/Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy.


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An INTREPID journey into the epidemiological landscape of psychosis in the Global South


Shuichi Suetani and Jon Paul Teo discuss the International Research Program on Psychotic Disorders in Diverse Settings (INTREPID II) study, which investigates the epidemiology of untreated psychoses in 3 diverse settings in the Global South.

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