Improving antidepressant outcomes: what works for whom and why?


Thalia Eley and Gerome Breen explore a new systematic meta-review of predictors of antidepressant treatment outcome in depression, which looks at clinical and demographic variables, but also biomarkers including both genetic and neuroimaging data.

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Beyond thought and behaviour: is psychosis more than a brain disorder? 


Shuichi Suetani writes his debut elf blog on a new meta-review that asks: Is psychosis a multisystem disorder? This blog explores central nervous system, immune, cardiometabolic, and endocrine alterations in first-episode psychosis and perspective on potential models.

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Meta-review presents the risks of all-cause and suicide mortality in mental disorders


This recent and well-conducted meta-review concludes that the impact on mortality and suicide of mental disorders is substantial, and probably poorly appreciated as a public health problem. Raphael Underwood’s blog summarises the data for all-cause and suicide mortality in mental disorders.

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New meta-review highlights the best approaches for preventing violence in young people

Young man with shot gun

The WISQARS Leading Causes of Death website is a mine of information for researchers and bloggers alike. I searched it to find out what the leading causes of death are for people (all races, both sexes) in the US aged 10-24 years. The top three in 2010 were: Unintentional injury (e.g. road traffic accidents, poisoning, [read the full story…]