Making workplace adjustments for people with mental health problems: new guidance from the Department of Health


There’s a growing body of evidence that shows how relatively minor adjustments in the workplace can have a huge impact on supporting people with mental health problems and help them stay in work. The Department of Health has published guidance that will help employers think through the changes that they can make in the workplace [read the full story…]

New NICE local government public health briefings on workplace health, tobacco and physical activity


Another week, another new type of publication from NICE. The local government public health briefings are aimed at local authorities and their partner organisations in the health and voluntary sectors, in particular those involved with health and wellbeing boards. Three briefings have been launched today on: Tobacco Physical activity Workplace health These briefings will be relevant [read the full story…]

Women who work long hours are at risk of depression and anxiety


It seems logical that people who work long hours and have a stressful job are more likely to suffer from depression, yet epidemiological studies that have investigated the links between long working hours and depression have reported inconsistent findings. The Whitehall II prospective cohort study followed nearly 3,000 British staff from across 20 civil service [read the full story…]

Stress is now the biggest cause of long-term sickness absence in the UK, according to a CIPD survey


I don’t know about you, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by some of the recent coverage in the press and on TV about mental illness at work. TV adverts have highlighted the difference individuals can make by talking openly about mental health in the workplace and there are a number of destigmatising campaigns underway by [read the full story…]

Early intervention helps reduce depression and long-term sickness absence in office workers

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This randomised controlled trial from Maastricht University in The Netherlands examines how well early intervention can help prevent long-term sickness absence and major depression among office workers who are at high risk of taking time off work with mild to severe depressive complaints. Researchers recruited 139 employees working in an office environment, all of whom were at [read the full story…]

A practical guide for line managers who support staff with mental health conditions

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Stress, anxiety and depression cause more working days lost than any other health problem. The financial cost to British business of mental ill health is an estimated £26 billion per year – that’s equivalent to £1,035 for every employee – and some place it as high as £40 billion. This new guide published by Devon [read the full story…]

Royal College of Psychiatrists launches new website to help people return to work after mental illness

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The Royal College of Psychiatrists has launched a new online resource offering information and guidance about returning to work after a period of mental ill-health. The Work and Mental Health website is divided into four main parts, and is aimed at workers, carers, employers and clinicians. Each section signposts relevant information and provides useful links [read the full story…]