Factors important in predicting staff burnout in learning disability services identified


We have posted before about the factors which may impact on staff burnout in services supporting people with learning disabilities. Some of the studies we identified have suggested that personal and organisational supports increasing a sense of personal achievement  for staff can provide a buffer against emotional exhaustion and that interventions related to improving mindfulness might [read the full story…]

Organisational climates with good person-environment fit have reduced burnout in services for people with learning disabilities


Stress associated with working to support people with learning disabilities has been reported as a factor in staff burnout. This review of literature aimed to investigate whether there was a relationship between organisational climate and staff burnout. The search identified 21 articles which were included in the review. These were separated into two categories. The [read the full story…]

Study adds to evidence of direct link between challenging behaviour and staff burnout

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Challenging behaviour in people with learning disabilities often puts the safety of the person or others around them in jeopardy and can have an impact on the person’s quality of life. The authors of this study set out to explore the relationship between the way in which staff perceive challenging behaviour and staff burnout. They [read the full story…]

Sense of personal achievement can reduce staff burnout in learning disability services

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Supporting people with learning disabilities can be a stressful job. Previous studies have identified predictors of staff burnout but there is little consensus about the way these factors interact with each other, or their relative importance. The researchers in this study looked at the direct and indirect associations between work stressors, emotional responses by staff, [read the full story…]