Burnout and consultants’ retirement plans


John Moriarty and colleagues review a UK cross-sectional study of NHS consultants, which looks at psychosocial work characteristics, burnout, psychological morbidity symptoms and early retirement.

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Supporting older people with learning disabilities with inclusive retirement


A short while ago, we posted about the reflections of mentors in a programme in Australia aimed at helping older people get connected to and take part in community groups. The paper we are posting about today draws on data from that project. The researchers developed the project in the context of increasing numbers of [read the full story…]

Using mentors as natural supports helped include older people with learning disabilities

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Social inclusion is at the heart of UK policy for disabled and disadvantaged people. The right to inclusion is one of the underpinning rights set out in the 2001 White Paper ‘Valuing People’. As a concept in the research literature though, it suffers from a lack of clear definition. O’Brien identified community participation as one [read the full story…]

Service providers’ perceptions show support for approaches to active ageing amongst older people with learning disabilities


People with learning disabilities are living longer. The Royal College of Nursing website  suggests that over the course of the last century, life expectancy for this group has increased significantly, with mean life expectancy estimated to be 74, 67 and 58 for those with mild, moderate and severe learning disabilities respectively. The researchers in this [read the full story…]

Retirement planning for people with learning disabilities appears at odds with personalisation and inclusion


This Australian study set out to explore the issues relating to retirement for older employees with learning disabilities in supported employment services. The researchers discussed retirement in 6 separate focus group interviews, with staff from disability accommodation and employment services, members of mainstream activity programmes for older people, family members of people with disabilities and [read the full story…]