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Dr McFadden is a social worker who graduated from Ulster University in 1993 with her first social work degree and in 2013 with a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) on ‘Resilience and Burnout in Child Protection Social Work’. Dr McFadden originally practiced in child protection and has substantive practice in older people social work. She has recent practice experience as a manager in Primary Care and Older People and in Adult Safeguarding. She was employed as a Lecturer in Social Work at Queens University Belfast for 3 years and has recently returned to Ulster University as a Senior Lecturer in Social Work. Her teaching and research interests include older people, adult safeguarding, community development approaches, resilience across the life course, occupation related resilience and burnout and workforce aging. Dr McFadden has recently published in the North American Journal, Stress and Health and the British Journal of Social Work. She is a reviewer for the Journal of Child Abuse and Neglect, Health and Care in the Community and the British Journal of Social Work. Recent conference presentations include Pathways to Resilience IV in Cape Town, South Africa (June 2017) and the European Social Work Conference, Lisbon, Portugal (April 2016). Current activity includes writing publications from recent research and applications for funding for specific opportunities relating to workplace health, older people and global challenges relating to childhood mental health. Teaching interests includes older people, disability, adult safeguarding and resilience in social work practice.


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Burnout and consultants’ retirement plans


John Moriarty and colleagues review a UK cross-sectional study of NHS consultants, which looks at psychosocial work characteristics, burnout, psychological morbidity symptoms and early retirement.

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