Social workers' caregiver identity and distress


Jo Moriarty examines a study on social worker caregiver identity and distress and discovers some useful findings about the nature of stress in social work, with helpful practice messages for team managers.

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Adults with learning disabilities in employment had poor periodontal health but acceptable oral hygiene status


Studies have suggested that people with learning disabilities have poorer oral health than those in the general population, and often have untreated caries and high prevalence of gingivitis and other periodontal diseases. The researchers in this study were interested in the oral health status and behaviour of people with learning disabilities who were employed as [read the full story…]

Study finds clinical severity in Rett syndrome increases with age

Two women

Rett syndrome is a neurological disorder mainly affecting females which although present from birth, may remain undetected until around one year of age. Many people with Rett syndrome have a mutation on the MECP2 gene on the X chromosome. The authors of this study were interested in describing the Rett syndrome behavioural phenotype by using [read the full story…]

Study finds unexpectedly moderate or high self-esteem in men with learning disabilities in forensic service

man at fence

Self-esteem is a concept well used in psychology to describe how a person evaluates their own worth and can be viewed positively and negatively. In this quantitative study, the researcher was interested in how prevalent low self-esteem was in a population of people with learning disabilities in a forensic service. She used an adapted version [read the full story…]