Treatment is uncommon for common mental disorders


Suzanne Dash reviews a cross-sectional study of the prevalence and treatment of common mental disorders in the English national population, which inspires her to host a mental health epidemiology quiz. Fingers on buzzers…

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Music therapy for depression in older adults: How can I be sure of you?


Dave Steele appraises a systematic review that reports music therapy combined with standard therapies is effective for treating depressive symptoms in older adults. He’s unconvinced by these claims and would like a bit more harmony in the evidence-base before striking up the band.

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Group psychotherapies for schizophrenia


Tracey Roberts appraises a systematic review of group psychotherapies for schizophrenia, which includes group CBT, music therapy, art therapy and social skills training.

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Alternatives to medication for agitation in dementia


Andrés Fonseca summarises the findings of a recent systematic review of the clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of sensory, psychological and behavioural interventions for managing agitation in dementia.

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Music therapy is a hit with the patients, but not in the results

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In the Woodland we all enjoy a good sing-a-long, but can this actually be therapeutic? Music therapy has a growing database with regards to its use in helping to treat a variety of mental health disorders. It is thought of as a systematic intervention that uses music experiences (active or receptive) and the relationships that [read the full story…]

Music interventions to replace sedatives for preoperative anxiety?

Does this make you feel anxious?

In the Woodland we have previously looked at musical interventions for agitation in dementia and depression. In June 2013 the Cochrane Collaboration published a systematic review of musical interventions for preoperative anxiety. As may be expected, people awaiting surgical procedures often experience high levels of anxiety. This anxiety is important as it can result in [read the full story…]

Group music therapy may help reduce agitated behaviour in people with dementia

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For many of us, music therapy represents a safe, cheap and enjoyable treatment option for older people living in care. A ‘no brainer’ for those responsible for the daily activities provided to keep care home residents active in body and mind. This small randomised controlled trial conducted by researchers from Taipei Medical University in Taiwan [read the full story…]

Music therapy can reduce symptoms of depression

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Music therapy, when combined with standard treatment, is effective in helping people with depression, according to a small Finnish randomised controlled trial published in the August issue of the British Journal of Psychiatry. The research team from the University of Jyväskylä, led by Professor Jaakko Erkkilä and Professor Christian Gold, recruited 79 people aged between [read the full story…]