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Thalia C. Eley is Professor of Developmental Behavioural Genetics at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience, Kings College London. She directs the Emotional Development, Intervention and Treatment lab, and her work focuses on the interplay between genetic and environmental factors in the development and treatment of anxiety and depression. Her work is highly interdisciplinary using both the twin design and molecular genetic approaches, and drawing on cognitive, clinical and developmental psychology. She has written over 130 empirical papers and received numerous awards, including the Spearman Medal from the British Psychological Society, the Macquarie University Excellence in Research Award, the Pierre Janet Award, the Lilly-Molecular Psychiatry Award, and most recently the James Shields Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Society for Twin Studies. She is particularly interested in finding ways in which genetic approaches can inform psychological practise as well as theory and her current major research theme is exploring the potential for genetic influences to predict outcomes following psychological treatment.


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The genetics of depression (and anxiety!)


Thalia Eley shares her thoughts on a recent Nature genome-wide association study of depression phenotypes in the UK Biobank, which uses different definitions of depression to provide more tractable targets for future genetic studies.

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