Periodontal treatment during pregnancy-no evidence of impact on preterm birth

Routine specialist pregnancy care involved an initial meeting to discuss quitting smoking and set a quit date, followed by 4 weekly telephone calls, and free nicotine replacement therapy for 10 weeks.

15 RCTs were included in this Cochrane review of impact of periodontal treatment on adverse pregnancy outcomes. all the included studies were considered to be at high risk of bias. There was no evidence that periodontal treatment reduces the number of preterm babies.

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Anxiety and pain during dental treatment


35 studies investigating 47 clinical groups were included in this review of the association between dental anxiety and pain during dental treatment. The findings suggest a consistent impact on pain through the entire period of dental treatment.

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Periodontal treatment: effectiveness of intra-pocket anaesthesia

gum disease, scale and polish

This review of intra-pocket anaesthesia for patients having scaling and root planing included 11 trials and demonstrated a benefit over placebo.

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Periodontal treatment- adjuvant antibiotics for diabetic patients?


This review of adjuvant antibiotics for diabetics undergoing periodontal treatment included 13 small RCTs. While a statistically significant improvement in probing depth was seen the magnitude of this improvement is unlikely to be clinically significant.

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Furcation involvement may double risk of tooth loss in periodontitis


This review of the impact of furcation involvement on tooth loss in periodontal disease found 21 pro- and retrospective studies. The data suggests that the risk of tooth loss may be doubled where there is furcation involvement.

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Periodontal therapy may increase the efficiency of H. pylori eradication


7 small studies are included in this Cochrane review which suggests that adjunctive periodontal therapy helps increase the efficiency of H. pylori eradication. OR = 2.15 (95%CI; 1.47 to 3.14)

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Systemic antibiotics for aggressive periodontitis?

shutterstock_113989924  - periodontitis

This review of systemic antibiotics and non-surgical periodontal therapy for aggressive periodontitis included 13 RCTs and suggests a statistically significant benefit compared to non-surgical therapy alone.

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Dentine hypersensitivity – calcium sodium phosphosilicate pastes effective suggests review


This review of the use of Calcium Sodium Phosphosilicate (CSPS) for the treatment of dentine hypersensitivity included 11 trials involving a total of 1190 patients suggesting that a 5% CSPS-containing toothpaste is effective for use as an at-home treatment.

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Low quality evidence that periodontal treatment improves glycaemic control in diabetics


This update of a 2010 Cochrane review found low quality evidence that periodontal treatment involving scaling and root planing does improve glycaemic control in people with diabetes, with a mean percentage reduction in HbA1c of 0.29% at 3-4 months, but there is insufficient evidence to demonstrate that this is maintained after 4 months.

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Dental implants: smokers have poorer outcomes suggests review


This review of the impact of smoking on dental implants had broad inclusion criteria and included 107 studies. The findings suggest smoking affects implant failure rates, incidence of postoperative infections, as well as the marginal bone loss.

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