Does surgical root coverage reduce dentine hypersensitivity?

Gingival recession

This review of the effect of surgical root coverage (RC) on dentine hypersensitivity (DH) associated with gingival recession included 13 RCTs. The findings suggest that RC techniques are associated with a reduction in DH a majority of the included studies were small and DH was only a secondary outcome.

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Cyanoacrylate tissue adhesive in postoperative palatal pain management

Gingival graft

This review assessing the effect of cyanoacrylate tissue adhesive (CTA) in the management of palatal wound healing and post-operative pain after epithelialised gingival graft harvesting included just 4 small RCTs. While the findings suggest a potential benefit with CTA both the quantity and quality of the available evidence is very limited.

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Gingival recession: which surgical treatment technique?


This Cochrane review of the efficacy of different root coverage procedures for gingival recession included 48 RCTs describing a range of procedures. Most procedures led to a reduction in gingival recession.

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Periodontal surgery for multiple gingival recessions


This review of periodontal surgery for multiple gingival recessions includes 9 small RCTs with relatively short follow up periods and suggests that the percentage root coverage can be improved although complete root coverage was more variable.

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Weak evidence shows no evidence of improved root surface coverage using root surface biomodification agents


It has been suggested that root surface biomodification (RSB) with chemical agents, improves outcomes of periodontal surgery and scaling and root planning. The aim of this review was to determine if RSB has any positive or negative effects when used before root coverage procedures? Medline and the Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials together with [read the full story…]