Periodontal regeneration therapies: Are benefits long-term?

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This review of periodontal regeneration therapies included 52 trials. While the results suggest some statistically significant improvements they may not be clinically important. There is also limited data for outcomes longer than 12 months.

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Lasers for surgical periodontal treatment – insufficient evidence of effectiveness


Eight small trials were identified for this review of lasers as an adjunct to surgical periodontal treatment. The limited number of studies and variation in the types of lasers used means there is insufficient evidence to support their effectiveness.

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Gingival recession: root surface modifiers did not improve surgical outcomes


Six small randomised controlled trials were found for this review assessing the use of root surface modifiers to improve the outcome of gingival recession surgery. None of the agents evaluated were seen to be of benefit.

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Review suggests small benefits from enamel matrix derivative in the treatment of periodontal pockets of suprabony defects


A number of different regenerative techniques, guided tissue regeneration (GTR), bone grafting (BG) and the use of enamel matrix derivative (EMD) have been used to try and regenerate periodontal tissues. The aim of this review was to assess the effectiveness of EMD in the treatment of periodontal pockets of suprabony defects. Searches were conducted in [read the full story…]

Combination therapies performed better than single ones for treating periodontal bony defects, but additional benefits were small

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A range of regenerative treatments have been used for the  treatment of periodontal infrabony defects. Guided tissue regeneration (GTR) and enamel matrix derivatives (EMD) are two popular treatment and they have both been used in combination with other treatment.   This network meta-analysis was conducted to assess the potential effects of the various combinations. Unlike a [read the full story…]

Enamel matrix derivative may provide some benefit in periodontal therapy

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The aim of this review is to give an updated answer to the question whether the additional use of Enamel matrix derivative (EMD) in periodontal therapy is more effective in comparison to control or other regenerative procedures. The authors searched MEDLINE (PubMed) for randomized controlled trials where EMD was used for treatment of intrabony defects, [read the full story…]