Periodontitis- supportive periodontal treatment


This Cochrane review of the effects of supportive periodontal therapy (SPT) in the maintenance of the dentition of adults treated for periodontitis included 4 RCTs providing is insufficient evidence to determine the superiority of different protocols or adjunctive strategies to improve tooth maintenance during SPT.

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Periodontal treatment: outcomes from long-term conservative management


In patients with moderate to advanced periodontitis this longitudinal study demonstrated that long-term tooth retention is possible for compliant patients using a non-regenerative treatment concept.

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Furcation involvement may double risk of tooth loss in periodontitis


This review of the impact of furcation involvement on tooth loss in periodontal disease found 21 pro- and retrospective studies. The data suggests that the risk of tooth loss may be doubled where there is furcation involvement.

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Periodontal disease: compliance with treatment improves outcomes

plaque,calculus,periodontal disease

When regularly compliant periodontal patients were compared with erratic compliers in this systematic review, they were found to have significantly lower risk of tooth loss during supportive periodontal treatment

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