Are Internet interventions cost-effective for mental health?


Chris Sampson looks at a systematic review of the economics of Internet interventions for common mental health problems such as depression and anxiety.

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E-markets and micros: evidence for the future of social care?


Sarah Carr takes an unusual step of appraising a ‘think tank’ research report on e-marketplaces for social care and discusses the work in relation to the broader context of evidence-based policy.

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Online social networking and psychosis


Nikki Newhouse reports on a recent systematic review of online social networking and psychosis. Her blog explores the potential benefits and harms of online social networking for people with psychosis, and reflects on some of the challenges facing researchers working in the field.

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Experiences of people with learning disabilities on social networking sites suggest need for information, support and opportunity for learning


Background The use of social media is becoming increasingly important in establishing social identity, with individuals receiving often instant feedback online. In terms of social identity theory, it has been argued that the label of learning disability can become a person’s primary identity and impact on the interactions the person has with others, often shaping [read the full story…]

New website aimed at helping people with learning disabilities stay safe online

safer net

Information technology is a now a major part of the modern world and access to the internet is becoming more and more important to being a part of modern society. Access to the internet brings many benefits in terms of access to a broader community of friends, opportunities for learning and increasingly a number of [read the full story…]

Image based hyperlink menus on websites improved understanding of site users with learning disabilities

When we think of community involvement and participation in the 21st century, it is impossible not to consider the importance of access to information technology and the use  of social media as key elements of this. The Rix Centre  for example has worked over a number of years to improve access for people with learning [read the full story…]

Internet based groups for older carers of people with learning disabilities can improve social support


We recently posted about the views of older people with learning disabilities and the things they wanted in relation to their support. In recent years there have also been a number of projects that have focused on ways to provide support to older carers of people. Those projects have suggested the key mediator role of [read the full story…]