Therapy over the telephone: how does it compare to face-to-face? The answer might surprise you…


Imogen Bell blogs a timely systematic review which compares the interactional qualities of psychological therapy delivered face-to-face and over the telephone.

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Conversational agents for mental health apps: now with added artificial empathy


Matthew Bennion reviews two recent studies that sought to develop artificially empathic conversational agents for use in mental health.

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Emotional intelligence associated with therapeutic understanding in learning disabilities sex offender treatment programme

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A US review in 2009 suggested that the evidence on the rates of sex offending by people with learning disabilities was equivocal at best with some studies reporting an increased likelihood of people with learning disabilities committing sexual offences, with others suggesting the opposite to be the case. There are difficulties in answering the question [read the full story…]

No differences found on components of empathy in matched groups of offenders and non offenders with learning disabilities

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The researchers in this UK study set out to look at empathy in sex offenders with learning disabilities, with a view to exploring the differences between this group and non offenders with learning disabilities. They used specific measures of the components of empathy. They compared the scores of 21 sex-offenders and 21 non-offenders with learning [read the full story…]